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NVS2525 UDF  
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Note on NVS2525 UDF Special
Supports both UDF & FAT32 formatted memory cards
E.g. Alexa:UDF E.g. PMW-500:FAT32 & UDF
Backup a video file that is larger than 4GB.
Preview video
All the video formats that recorded from PMW-500 camcorder
including MPEG2/IMX/DV
*Previewing ProRes codec will be addressed in a future firmware update
OS compatibility
- Both internal and external hard drive is formatted to UDF format
- UDF formatted external hard drive does not work with Windows OS.
No problem with MAC OS.
Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 Windows Vista Mac 10.5.8. above.
Main Unit
Read only Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write
ext. HDD
X X X Read/Write
Functions To Be Done
- Safe copy mode
- Sector recovery function
- Automatic index file generation
- Slower copy speed - when HDD has many files
Operating temperature
- NVS2525 does not work properly at under 0℃.
- Warm the unit before use.
- External battery is the most temperature sensitive device.
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