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The NVS2825 contains an internal Li-Poly battery that enables the NVS2825 to be used without the power adapter. The external battery is used to power the external HDD when performing the Multi-copy/Sync function and to charge the internal battery.
The device comes with a power adapter, car charger, and USB3.0 cable.
AC power adapter
FireWire 800 cable
USB3.0 cable
NVS external battery
Car charger cable
1. DC IN slot for AC power adapter unit (wall plug; 6~25V).
2. FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b) slot for computer connection.
3. USB 3.0 Host slot for external USB HDD connection.
4. USB 3.0 Device slot for computer connection.
5. Audio Slot for audio jack : User can hear sound during the preview.
6. ExpressCard slot for connecting to SxS and CF/SD cards.
CF/SD cards need CF/SD adapters which are included in the NVS2825 box.
7. LCD Display
8. Control key. Controls up/down/left/right/select of cursor when power is on.
9. Power key. Controls power on/off and enables the selection of commands when power is on.
The power key can be used as a reset key to press more than 7 seconds in the event of a hardware or software malfunction.
10. CardBus slot for CardBus memory card (including P2/P2E) connection.
NVS2825 Main Unit
(with internal Battery)
Rubber Bumpers
AC power adapter
USB3.0 cable
FireWire 800 cable
CF adapter
SD adapter
NVS external battery
Leather case