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Backing-up CFast memory card
Enables NVS2825 to be used for backing up data from the CFast memory card. Users required to purchase a CFast Package. It consists of three components (ExpressCard adapter, CFast card reader and USB 3.0 cable).
The CFast package is sold separately.
Assigning a drive name*
Prior to Firmware version 1.30, the NVS2825 had a fixed drive name "NEXTODI". When you had multiple drives connected to your computer, it was not easy to identify each drive. With version 1.30, you can assign a drive name to identify them easily on your computer.
* If the drive name has been changed on your computer, the option menu will not be shown on your NVS2825. New function is accessible while formatting the internal disk under [Format > HDD Management] menu.
Checking bad or corrupted video files on your memory card
Your memory card may already contain bad or corrupt video files. With version 1.30, NVS2825 performs a check to your memory card before copy. If corrupted files are found then only usable files will be copied.
Improved functionality on MCopy
When the required amount of free disk space is not available on the internal disk, you had to free up the disk space for a new copy. With version 1.30, this restriction has been eased: You can continuously copy data onto the internal disk (or the external drive) up to the amount of free disk space.
Improved the Log File (CRC) strength
A CRC(cyclic redundancy check) is an error-detecting code used in storage devices to detect changes to raw data. After each copy, the individual CRC will be recorded on the LOG file. You can open the CRC Check(application) provided by NextoDI on your computer to check the CRC later on.
Package Contents
Enables NVS2825 to be used for backing up data from CFast memory cards. The CFast Package works under Firmware Version 1.30.
ExpressCard adapter
CFAST card reader
USB 3.0 cable (type-A to micro-B)
Attaching the CFast Package
Connect the USB 3.0 (Type-A) cable to the ExpressCard adapter.
Connect the USB 3.0 cable (micro-B) to the CFast card reader.
Insert your CFast memory card to the CFast card reader.
Pic 4 showing completion steps 1,2, & 3 above.
Insert the ExpressCard adapter into the SxS card slot with the Label facing as indicated.
"PEX Connected Checking..." message displays when NVS2825 detects the card correctly.
Backing up CFast memory card.
Detecting the CFast memory card
Displaying the Copy menu (Copy & Verify, Safe Copy), Select a Copy option you preferred.
Copying files from CFast memory card to NVS2825.
Completed. Remove the ExpressCard adapter.
NVS2825 calculates the CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) code for each file(except hidden file) during the memory card copy and stores it to the LOG file. Users can use “NextoDI CRC Checeker” program provided by NextoDI to check if the video file is changed from its original copy or not.
Before using "NextoDI CRC Checker"
"NextoDI CRC Checker" is provided with the firmware V1.30. It is execution program which works at Windows computers only(not for MAC or Linux) and does not need installation, but needs Microsoft [.Net Framework 4] installed in the computer. [.Net Framework 4] is default installed from Windows 8. Most of Windows versions may have already installed it during installation of other software. If it is not installed, users may see following error message on the computer.
In that case, you can install [.Net Framework 4] at here.
Using "NextoDI CRC Checker"
Double click the downloaded execution file to run the program.
Click the [...] button to select a file for CRC calculation.
Click the [Start check] button to start calculation.
You can see the calculated CRC value in [CRC Code] window as below.
Checking the original CRC value calculated during the copy.
You can find the original CRC code calculated by NVS2825 during the memory card copy here.
       NVS2825 generates upto 99 LOG files with maximum 1MB file size.
       Latest LOG file number is indicated by “CurrentLogIs.XXX” file. This XXX indicates the XX of NextoLogXX.txt
If you open up the text file, you can see the calculated CRC code during memory card copy.
If the CRC code generated by “NextoDI CRC Checker” and the value in LOG file is the same, that means the file is the same one as an original one from memory card.