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Download our Comparison Chart for Drive Capacities, Pricing, ETC.
Play your footage through iOS device or NVS
Press the play icon on thumb
If the web browser is using, the NVS2825 will preview the selected footage with audio
If you connected the Wi-Fi using the App, iPad/iPhone preview your footage with full resolution & audio
The NVS2825 generates HTML index file which make it possible to
show all footages, select cuts and attach comments to clips using an iOS or Android device.
1. OK - NG cut selection
2. Hide NG / Show All
3. Send the NG cuts to Trash Folder
4. [Restore] returning the NG cuts to Backup folder
5. Delete the NG cut in the Trash Folder
6. [Note] Write & Attach comment to clips
While connecting the Wi-Fi using the App, user can mark any section during the play.
Just drag & drop the clips and user can bind cuts into a video.
This edit list can be imported to the editing tool such as Final Cut Pro.
1. Entering the Make list function
2. Checking the note on the Make List function
3. Make List
4. Batch Play
Pre-edited data such as OK/NG cut lists and edit list can be copied to the external hard drive.