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Download our Comparison Chart for Drive Capacities, Pricing, ETC.
NVS2825 Workflow
take a card out &
insert it to NVS2825
backup to two drives
Preview Video & Audio
Pre-EDIT over Wi-Fi
Preview A/V
(*NVS-App will be available Q2 2013)
Cut Selection
Select goot cut or bad cut
Make List
Mark In/Out
(*NVS-App will be available Q2 2013)
Drag & drop clips to create EDLs
Drag a clip [+]& drop it to tumbnail view panel
Click [i] to display the file info
Select & Check
Export to Ext. HDD
Export edited info to
an external USB3.0 drive
Open [nextoid2.html] file that is located under
root folder and use it as editing guidance
Import the EDL to editing systems
* The EDL is located inside of [NvsAir -> nextoedt] folder