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[NVS2525 UDF Special] Firmware V1.56 - Bug fix 2014-04-18
UDF2525 V1.56 English.zip

Applicable to UDF Special Version of NVS2525.
Not for NVS2525 normal version which format internal hard drive using FAT32.

* V1.56 (2014.4.18)
- Bug fix for possible data corruption.
- If the internal/external HDD formatted by NVS then formatted again at computer to another format, NVS cannot properly detect the format and overwrite data to undeterministic position which results in data corruption.

* V1.52 (2012.6.26)
- Added support for DNxHD preview(.mxf format) for ALEXA
- Added support for XQD memory using ExpressCard adapter through SxS slot

* V1.51 (2012.3.7)
- External HDD can be used with Windows computer after format at new firmware. Be sure to backup the data on the external HDD before format.
- Motion detection sensor sensitivity control menu added
- Added support for DNxHD(.mov file only)

* V1.50 (2012.1.06)
- Added preview support for PRORES CODEC(NVS2525 UDF Special only)
- Added 'MOTION DETECTION' function to give a warning when a user handling of the unit can cause HDD failure.
- Added 'E-COPY' mode(Emergency Copy). When internal HDD failed, users can still copy memory card to external eSATA/USB HDD.
- Added 'Folder Name Selection' function. User can select different folder name during the copy.
- Added support for copy 'RED SSD' through RED station
- Added support for copy 'SoundDevice SSD' through eSATA(NVS2525 only)/USB connection
- Added support for Wise S2 card(NVS2501/2500 only)
- Set Up menu changed
- Minor bug fix

* V1.11B(2011.11.23)
- Fix for compatibility issue with SanDisk 32G/64G CF which is formatted at XF300/305 camera

* V1.11(2011.10.10)
- Bug Fix. Formatting external HDD with 2TB capacity
- Resolve the compatibility issue with WesternDigital USB HDD
- Bug Fix. The LCD became reverse during preview
- Minor bug fix

* V1.10B(2011.7.28)
- Bug fix for copying ARRi UDF SxS card

* V1.10A(2011.7.25)
- Improve the compatibility with various USB Memory Card Readers

* V1.10(2011.7.15)
- Add support for USB card reader. Supports copying SDHC/CF through USB card reader
- Added support of Sound bar for following video format
>> LPCM format Audio embedded in MOV or MP4 file with MPEG2 video format
> Sony : PMW-EX1, PMW-EX3, PMW-350, PMW-F3, PMW-500
> JVC : GY-HM700, GY-HM100
> Convergent Design : nanoFLASH
- Bug fix for USB hard drive format
- Performance upgrade SxS : 55MB/s --> 70MB/s

* V1.01(2011.2.10)
- When copy FAT32 formated memory card, if a file is fragmented more than 64 fragment, then make error during file copy.
- No problem for UDF formatted memory card.