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[ND2730] Firmware V2.02 exFAT Full support - Bug fix 2013-11-20
V2.02 ND2730_Eng.zip

This is the firmware for ND2730. Check your model number on the back of the unit before upgrade the firmware.

V1.02(or less version) firmware contains bug on the battery management. It is strongly recommended changing firmware to most recent version.

Download the firmware to your computer and unzip it.
Then copy the firmware file(NEXTOPS.BIN) to the root directory of your ND2730 or any memory card.
Then select [FIrmware Update] at the menu of ND2730.

For details on firmware upgrade, refer to the 'firmware_upgrade.pdf' document contained in the zip file.

For the details on 'Incremental Copy' function, check following link.

* V2.02(2013.11.20)
- Bug fix for system hang if both memory card and HDD is formatted using FAT.
- For the FAT formatted memory card, if a single folder contains more than 1024 files, ND2730 become not respond during the copy if the internal HDD is also formated by FAT32 format.

* V2.01(2013.11.5)
- Bug fix for possible ND2730 hang after the firmware upgrade.
- For details see http://www.nextodi.com/support/view.php?bbs=en_qna&id=471

* V2.00(2013.11.1)
- Full support for exFAT.
- Can copy file size larger than 4GB
- Need formatting internal hard drive to [exFAT] after upgrading firmware
- Formatting drive erases every data on the disk.
- Before formatting internal hard drive, make sure to backup every data to another storage

* V1.13(2012.9.21)
- Show the video file name at the Preview menu.
- Modified for better the CF compatibility
- Minor bug fix for incremental copy

* V1.12(2012.5.8)
This update contains new added feature and bug fixes, including:
- Added Incremental Copy function
- Addresses bugs that could prevent copying data after [Sample Verify]done
- Fixes an issue where 'Broken file' alert could be displayed when previewing image in some circumstances

* V1.10(2012.1.6)
- Added support for DV(SD quality) preview
- Added support for video file name and size indication.
- Minor bug fix

* V1.03(2011.9.6)
- Improved battery power management. Specialy when connected with the computer.
- Fixed compatibility issue with several CF including RED CF & Delkin 64GB CF

* V1.02(2011.7.15)
- Bug fix for Toshiba HDD and Hitachi HDD which make copy error during crossing 128GB position boundary.

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