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[NVS2825] V1.34 Firmware. Canon XF-AVC



This is the firmware for NVS2825. Check your model number on the back of the unit before upgrade the firmware.

Firmware version [V1.30 or later] added support for CFast memory and strong CRC protection. See below for more details.

Firmware version [V1.20 or later] added support for 1TB SSD/HDD.

The firmware package includes 6 files.
- NVSAIR.BIN : Firmware file
- Firmware_Upgrade.pdf : Explains the way how you can upgrade firmware
- MakeWindows_FCP_XML.exe : Refer How to Wi-Fi.pdf for detail
- WorkFlow.pdf : Explain 100% safe data backup workflow for NVS
- How to Wi-Fi.pdf : Explains downloading App and importing FCP_XML
- NVS_Air_Brief.pdf : Brief feature of NVS2825
- NxCrcChecker.exe : Windows software for CRC calculation of video file. Work with V1.30(or later) firmware.

==> Pls read attached [Workflow.pdf]. It contains safety guaranteed data management method which is common to all NVS.
==> App for iPad available on the App store. With the App, you can preview Video on your iPad. See [How to Wi-Fi.pdf] for more detail.

Download the firmware to your computer and unzip it.
Then copy the firmware file(NVSAIR.BIN) to the root directory of your
Then select [Firmware Update] at the menu of NVS2825.

For details on firmware upgrade, refer to the [firmware_upgrade.pdf] document contained in the zip file.

* V1.34 (2016.12.29)
1. Added support for Canon XF-AVC 12bit RGB 444
2. Fixed compatibility with Canon XF-AVC 8bit
3. Minor bug fix.

* V1.33 (2015.8.4)
- The SD adapter for NVS2825 is changed from 2015.7.25. Please upgrade to this firmware to use new SD card adapter.

* V1.32 (2015.5.8)
- Added support for uploading backup folders to SD or CF card.
- SD or CF card must be formatted using exFAT or FAT32.
- Multiple backup folder upload is alloed to exFAT formatted memory card.
- Added support for AVC-Ultra 4K preview

* V1.31 (2015.1.27)
- Added support for preview of SONY XAVC Long GOP (XAVC-S)
- Added support for preview of Panasonic AVC Long GOP
- Folder rename prefix changed from C1~C9 to A1~J9

* V1.30 (2014.8.18)
- Added support for CFast card.(sold separately)
- Added Video format checker. Check the video file format and if there are any possible errors, indicate it to the user before copy. Users can select skip that file or copy with the error.
- Calculate CRC of each file during the copy. Store it to the Log file and users can check it later with the NxCrcChecker.
- Setting drive name. For the customers running many NVS2825, users can select drive name during the ‘format HDD’. Or if the drive name set at the computer, NVS2825 does not change it during HDD format.
- Bypass full drive. If the internal drive is full, users can select to bypass internal HDD and copy to external HDD only.
- See below for more details.

* V1.21 (2014.1.22)
- Bug fix for XAVC video preview
- NVS2825 show error code when parsing XAVC video from F5/F55
- This happens to the video files which taken after camera firmware upgrade

* V1.20 (2013.10.25)
- Added support for storage capacity larger than 1TB.
- Minor bug fix

* V1.10 (2013.9.2)
- Added spport for HFS+(MAC OS) file system.
- Memory card from AJA Ki Pro or BlackMagic design supported from now on.
- Added support for external USB HDD capacity larger than 2TB.
- Improved USB3.0 HDD detection.
- Wi-Fi preview performance increased.(When used with new App)
- Minor bug fix

* V1.05 (2013.6.11)
- Added support for [Micro P2] and [Micro P2 adapter]
- Fixed [NanoFlash formatted CF] compatibility issue
- Extended type code support for AVCHD(for SONY RX1 camera)

* V1.04 (2013.5.9)
- First firmware release after the iPad App uploaded App store.
- User may need to format the hard drive after the firmware upgrade to use Wi-Fi function correctly.

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