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[ND2901] Firmware V1.51- USB powered backup Mode and Bug fix 2016-6-20

This is the firmware for ND2901. Check your model number on the back of the unit before upgrade the firmware.

See below for connecting ND2901 to the Smart Phone or Tablet computer.

If you want to use ND2901 with SSD, use SAMSUNG 850 EVO series.
Or, you need to use external battery for ND series. Check below for more details.

From the V1.50 firmware, [Update] function is completely changed. You can freely delete or change photo/video file inside your memory card. ND2901 allows update(incremental copy) for those deleted/changed memory card too.
See [ND2901_Update_EN.pdf] for more details on [Update] function.

Download the firmware to your computer and unzip it.
Then copy the firmware file(NEXTOMS.BIN) to the root directory of your ND2901 or any memory card.
Then select [FIrmware Update] at the menu of ND2901.

For details on firmware upgrade, refer to the [firmware_upgrade.pdf] document contained in the zip file.

For the details on [Incremental Copy] function, check following link.

* V1.51 (2016.6.20)
- Added support for USB powered backup operation.
- Users can use their USB power bank to power ND2901.
- Bug fix on [Update] function.
- ND2901 might generate error during the copy if a photo file is deleted from the memory card and directopry is added to that memory card from the computer.

* V1.50 (2015.12.09)
- Complete change on [Update] feature (See details in [Details on Update.pdf] file)
- Accept deleting files or changing metadata files from the memory card.
- Maintain the backup folder contents always the same as memory card.
- Deleted files shall be moved to [ND2901_Trash] folder.
- Changed files shall be moved to [ND2901_Changed] folder.
- If there are any deleted folder, [Update] will not work.
- Do not check the battery, if external power (including USB power) applied.
- Draw power from the USB cable(if connected) during the memory card operation(copy/verify/update).

* V1.09 (2015.6.23)
- Compatibility fix.
- Canon XA20 makes unusual directory structure which ND2901 cannot manage correctly and generate [802D] error. This firmware work around the problem. If the file count in one folder does not exceed 400ea, ND2901 will back up memory cards without problem.
- Change the order of showing photo files at [Show Photo] menu. When [Show Photo], ND2901 shows photo from the last one.

* V1.08 (2015.5.8)
- Fixed compatibility issue with drive capacity bigger than 2TB. But External USB drive reporting sector size bigger than 512 byte is not supported.
- Added support for memory card from Lytro-illum camera

* V1.04 (2014.12.30)
- Added support for Germany(V1_04_ND2901_ENG_DE.zip)
- Added support for Photo from Android phone
- Added support for Pentax DNG file.
- More flexible Update(Incremental copy) function

* V1.03(2014.8.18)
- Fix comnpatibility issue with Sandisk UDMA7 CF. Changed PIO mode timing.
- Increase Power up standby time to 30 sec for some SSD which needs longer booting time.
- Added Smart Phone connection selection. Seel below for more detail.

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